Leisure Club Eid Collection 2017-18 For Kids

Leisure Club Eid Collection 2017-18 For Kids (1)Leisure club still upholds its core values, inherited from Sefam Pvt. Ltd, with unparalleled excellence. Thanks to people like you, Leisure Club today is the largest clothing brand in Pakistan.This exclusive Eid collection line for the kids and we are sure that kids will just love it. As you can see in these Leisure Club Eid dresses 2017 that all of these dresses are the traditional dresses, they have been made by keeping in mind the Pakistani culture. For the boys, you will be having kurtas, you will be having and for all the girls, you will be having frocks, long shirts, nice and decent kind of cultural outfits. Leisure Club, we are sure that if all the kids, girls and boys will be wearing up the dresses by this hub on this Eid then they will be looking cuter and charming enough. If you want to Leisure Club Eid Collection 2017-18 For Kids (4)know that what kinds of colors have been put up by this brand then we can let you know that this hub has make thse Eid Ul Azha dresses 2017 in the colors of brown, pink, red, white, black and grey, yellow and in many other bright shades.The Working Woman is Pakistan’s premiere clothing brand for women’s workwear. The Working Woman’s trouble free philosophy is simple, sutble, and sensible clothing. In brief, we give you clothes that work!

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